Visit Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island, or Straddie to the locals, is one of south-east Queensland’s best kept secrets. Never does a first day of the school term go by without tales of adventure and fun that’s been had at Straddie over the holidays. You might think it’s just another one of those happy little Queensland beach communities with friendly locals and great food but it’s got a tonne of sun, surf and gleaming white sand to rival all the others.

Don’t be afraid of having nothing to do, cut off from the rest of the world with your family, I’ve never heard a bad word spoken about the place, and there’s no need to fret about crowds if you’re after a private spot of beach. There are plenty to choose from: Main Beach, Frenchman’s Beach, Deadman’s Beach, Cylinder Beach, Home Beach and Flinders Beach. If you’re sick of lazing on the beach all day and are after a bit of a hike give the Point Lookout Headland Gorge walk a go just before sunrise and you’ll be treated to a spectacular wildlife display as the sun rises.

Unknown-300x200If you’re after something to get your heart beating a little faster there are plenty of water sports including surfing lessons, kayaking, sand boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving and to unwind, whale watching. 4-wheel driving is also a great way to explore the islands fresh water lakes and springs, such as Myora Springs, and check out the wildlife in your own time. For the girls, the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel has a great spa with a range of services if you’re looking to ditch the boys for a day of pampering.

Straddie_South-Gorge_LR-570x407-300x214Whether you prefer camping, modern hotels, shacks, waterfront bungalows or apartments, Straddie has accommodation to suit any taste and budget. Explore the pristine beaches during the day and treat yourself to fresh local seafood by night. If mum and dad are after a place to treat you to a meal (if they ever catch you in between exploring the island, catching rays, and hanging out with other teens) tell them to check out Fishes Café on East Coast Road for breaky, the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel for lunch and the Look Café and Bar dinner. Straddie is the perfect place to unwind and take some time off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a ferry across Moreton Bay Marine National Park, kick back and set your watch to island time.

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