Top 5 ice creameries on the Gold Coast

1.    Gelatissimo, Surfers Paradise

For that authentic Italian gelato experience, I always head to Gelatissimo on Cavill Avenue, especially to cool down after a long day at the beach.
CVR_SFS_rasberry_sorbet_CLR-17_articleWith a vast range of 32 flavours all made in house, the hardest part is choosing which will best satisfy your sweet cravings! Just when I thought deciding cup or cone was the most colossal of my worries!

2.    Cold Rock, Surfers Paradise

Whether it’s a pre-movie treat or a post-dinner delight, my friends and I are totally hooked on the Cold Rock craze and often head to the Surfers Paradise venue. If there’s one thing more vibrant than their endless display of ice creams, it’s the lively atmosphere. You can’t go past the experience of watching the staff smash up lollies, chocolate, and biscuits to make the most unique flavour for you. They make a mean thick shake as well!

3.    Ben & Jerry’s, Surfers Paradise

The creators of our favourite chilled, creamy treat have granted our wishes, evolving their superior Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from just pints in freezers to a buzzing scoop shop on Cavill Avenue.
952fa12c527ae681_ben-_-Jerry_s-calories.preview-300x238Their ice cream’s perfectly balanced, buttery and elegant texture is transformed into some weird and whacky flavours like Phish Food and Maple Tree Hugger. Sometimes I splash out and get a dollop of hot fudge over the top of my cone or cup as well, you can’t beat it!

4.    Delisssh frozen yoghurt, Nobby’s Beach

If I’m feeling like a healthy kick, I always make time to swing by Delisssh frozen yoghurt, located in a pulsing Nobby’s Beach pocket. I love being refreshed, refuelled and rewarded with their coconut and mango option topped with fresh fruit. But for something more delectable, you can’t go past the milo flavour.

5.    CocoLuscious

To indulge in an ice cream here is a little more expensive, but this place serves up the most delicately crafted traditional Italian gelato to eat by the beach or takeaway in box for dessert back at home.
1146498_364567320313596_597187360_n-283x300While the friendly service and local vibes never change here, the window always holds new and exciting flavours, as this beach side parlour strives to provide your taste buds with a different dynamic and luxurious burst of flavour each time. I’m constantly tied between blood orange in a cone, or their mouth-watering caramel and vanilla bean combination, definitely worth a visit.


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