Top 5 Chinese Restaurants to Try in Brisbane

When exploring Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, most tourists prefer to spend their time for festivals or shopping, dining, and visiting the botanical gardens for a chance to enjoy the best of the destination. For those who want to enjoy a bite to eat, there are several places that serve authentic Chinese food at plenty of hot spots in the city. While planning a trip, there are a few Chinese establishments to put on the map while dining out.

1. Jackpot Dining

This hidden gem is located in CBD with dishes that include sizzling Mongolian beef, deep fried crispy chicken, and several gluten free options. Each dish is beautifully displayed on modern plates once it’s served in a sleek environment that is a hot spot for the younger crowds. They also are known in the community for their ample lunch specials, which includes chicken curry with noodles and roast pork with a side of fresh vegetables. Besides the fresh choices, patrons enjoy the friendly staff and relaxed environment that makes for a great place to visit at least once when getting to know Brisbane.

2. Shanghai Noodle House

Although this restaurant resembles a small cafeteria, it’s food is impressive with flavorful combination plates that are served throughout the day. Shanghai Noodle House is a favorite among both locals and tourists for their authentic ingredients and traditional Chinese food menu items. The staff serves various types of steamed buns in huge sizes, making them easy to share. The restaurant obtains all of their ingredients from a local Asian food store with delicious options that include everything from roast duck meal sets to tender noodles. All of the meat is saucy and juicy, making for some of the best Chinese cuisine in the city that is easy to scarf down.

3. Fantasia Brisbane

For patrons who are trying Chinese food for the first time or for experienced foodies who want to order a few favorites, Fantasia Brisbane has an ample menu with dozens of choices and fresh ingredients. Their spring rolls are made to order and their rainbow rice is a flavorful choice on the menu. The environment is formal but inviting with a staff that is extremely accommodating to each patron. Fantasia Brisbane is also respected for their high quality menu items that includes dim sum, duck dumplings, and a 10 course lunch sampling option.

4. Noodle Hutt

The buffet section at Noodle Hutt is one of the most impressive features of the restaurant with offerings that are freshly made on a wok. Guests can try options that include balinese chicken, fried rice, and tender beef. The portions served at Noodle Hutt are extremely large and make for a great deal for the prices. Several different options are also available with traditional staples with the rice, noodles, and meat that is served. All of the food is made without too much oil for a meal that won’t make you feel heavy.

5. Beijing House

Beijing House is known for their delectable dim sum, also known as Yum Cha in the Chinese food culture. They have a large selection of dim sum with superb service that is extremely accommodating. Guests can even order a plate of pancakes for a unique alternative on the menu from the Chinese food list.

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