Learn to surf on the Gold Coast

While a beach-side bask will leave you shimmering and a boogie-board session will guarantee some laughs, nothing can top the feeling of riding a surfboard.

The Gold Coast Surf Academy knows all about the enjoyment and satisfaction that surfing brings and take it from me, a Gold Coast family holiday wouldn’t be complete without a surf! So why not give it a go?

The Academy has two locations – one at Broadbeach (about a 10 minute drive from Surfers Paradise) and another situated closer to town on the southern side of Surfers, just off Frederick Street. After a ‘refresher’ lesson with my best friend recently, I can recommend the school’s friendly assistance, encouraging instructors and skills development, as only the best the city has to offer.


392237_127041594077860_323732466_n-212x300The lesson begins on the sand where you’ll go through some safety measures before learning the essential moves. You might get the odd confused look from a passer-by as you paddle on dry sand, but don’t worry, they’ll soon see all the fun you’re having in the water. You’ll be decked out in a provided rashie, and once out in the water we were immersed only in the shallows but deep in enjoyment as the second leg of the lesson commenced and real fun begun. Slowly with the progression from bellies and knees, by the end of the lesson we were all standing up with ease.

A group lesson costs $45 per person if you’re under-18 and goes for an hour and a half.  If you want a bit more one-on-one attention, why not look into a private lesson? At a cost of $70 per person for an hour, it’s great value and definitely the key to quick progression.

I now feel a lot more confident when I hit the surf with my own board, and believe it’s never too late to learn to surf or brush up on your skills.


The Academy lures thousands of keen beginners, grommets, amateurs, rookies and even pros all of vastly diverse ages as well each year. So hey, maybe Mum or Dad will want you to drag THEM along as well!

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