Learn to ride a Segway

My skepticism towards how much fun I could have on a Segway was short lived after visiting Sydney Olympic Park’s Newington Armory and finding out just how much of a blast it is. Little did I know, that my considerable lack of co-ordination would come into play, as I learnt to use my own weight to move the emission-free device.


Sydney Olympic Park’s Segway tour combines adventure with a stunning scenic exploration of the Armory. After getting your footing and proving your skills around some basic slalom training, your instructor with increase your speed to 20km. While this may not sound all that fast, I assure you that hooning around on a Segway is great fun and lot harder work than you would expect. The Armory is easily accessible by bus and train; however arrive with plenty of time if travelling by car, as parking is nightmare.

There are three options for your Segway tour which determine how long you ride and how intense it gets. Essentially, the longer you go the more you get to do, until eventually you find yourself Segwaying down flights of stairs.


The Fun Ride is a brilliant thirty-minute introduction to the Segway, which includes a cruisy tour of the scenery and some basic training for those who just want to get a feel for it. For students, a ride will only set you back $29, providing that you meet the 30kg weight requirement and are over nine.

For the more audacious types, rides after that increase in both time and intensity, but are well worth the extra cost.  X2 Adventure rides are an all-terrain experience that will take you along the park’s cross country course, provided that you are over the age of eleven. Finally, the X2 Adventure Plus ride will take you through new riding techniques to teach you how to handle the track’s obstacles, with everything from hills to stairs.


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