Learn to abseil

Sometimes when I head off on school holidays, my grandparents will give my siblings and I some spending money. My sister and I have absolutely no trouble handing this over for a nice top or pair of shoes but my brother struggles to find something appealing enough to make him part with his loot. Uninterested in clothes and past the stage where toys are appealing, it’s often something outdoorsy that catches his eye.

So, I decided to channel my brother’s adventurous spirit and headed off to Riverlife at Kangaroo Point Cliffs to give abseiling a go. Riverlife has a number of adventure packages on offer, with everything from segway to kayaking to abseiling. After conquering the very steep steps, of which the instructors assured us were the hardest part of the day, we donned our harnesses and helmets and were given a crash course in abseiling with a spectacular view of Brisbane in front of us. Waiting for my turn, butterflies crept in to my stomach, however they didn’t really need to be there. It was so easy I actually began to relax and take in the view on the way down.

Screen-shot-2013-09-18-at-3.01.18-PM-300x224There’s nothing truer than the saying ‘the first step is the hardest’. As soon as I stood with my tippy-toes on a vertical shelf of rock and began to lower myself over the edge, a quick glance down assured me that, yes it was rather high, and yes my life did rest in the instructors hands and in those ropes. But rest assured, physics got that one right. As soon as I was over the edge it didn’t take long before I was leaping down (well, not quite leaping…) the cliff face and generally enjoying the experience. Even those in groups who took a while to make the first move soon found themselves descending down the cliff.



For me, my first abseil was more relaxing than it was scary. Whether that was down to my lack of fear or an ability to conquer it, I’m not too sure. What I am sure of is that some may find it daunting but the relaxed setting at Riverlife and the support of the instructors and fellow abseilers gets you through.

If you’re looking for a rating from one to so scary my stomach was in my mouth, well that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself!

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