Jetboating on Sydney Harbour

IMAG01761-169x300If only someone had told me three things before I got on board the Oz Jet speed boating thrill ride at Circular Quay:

 1. Don’t wear eye makeup

2. Don’t straighten your hair beforehand

3. Prepare yourself to get very, very wet

Once you’ve followed these three steps girls, you’re going to have a lot of fun flying across the beautiful, blue waters of Australia’s world famous Sydney Harbour. Guys, seeing as none of those tips apply to you, so you can go ahead and get stuck into a crazy, fun-filled half hour.

Music is blasting as you speed across the harbour, passing the Opera House, dodging ferries and doing 360 degree spins and a few nose dives. There are different manoeuvres over giant waves which pour right over the sides of the boat and drench every single person inside. But the driver is entertaining, energetic and funny and makes sure everyone feels safe at various points through out the trip, with a bit of commentary for the non-Sydney siders as well.



During your spin there is a video camera filming the whole thing, as well as taking photos that you can buy once you are back on dry land.

For all you thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies out there, this is an experience to remember, even for the ‘girly’ girls like me who wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without hair and makeup, its lots of fun, especially on a sunny Sydney day.


As much as I loved the experience, I’m still waiting for one of my friends to get married so that I can experience a Centrefold bucks cruise through Sydney Harbour.

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