Hens Day Activities in Style | 5 Unique Hens Day Ideas in Melbourne

Most brides spend months planning their wedding, and they want everything to be perfect. Weddings are exciting, but the bride needs to have fun before the wedding. A hens party can be wild or tamed. The party can be organized by the bride or her friends. If the bridal party organizes the hens party, they should know what the bride wants.

Melbourne is the perfect city for a hens party. Whether the bride wants girly activities or fun outdoor activities, Melbourne has the perfect hens party daytime activities for all brides. Hens day activities should celebrate the last few days of the bride’s singlehood. After the wedding, the bride might not be able to spend time with her friends every week.


Cupcake Making

Cupcake making is a great indoor activity. The bridal party can interact with each other while they are making a batch of delicious cupcakes. If the bride is anything like most brides, she is probably counting calories before the wedding. A few cupcakes will not ruin the wedding day. The cupcakes will make the day much sweeter for the bride. The bride can indulge her sweet tooth and learn how to make perfect cupcakes. A professional baker will give the bridal party instructions, and the baker will provide all of the ingredients and equipment.

White Water Rafting

The bride may want to go outside and sweat before the wedding. If the bride wants to participate in some adventurous activities, the bridal party can spend the day white water rafting. The bride can commune with nature while she is conquering the waves. At the end of the activity, the whole bridal party will feel enthused and accomplished. It is a great way to work as a team. The rafting company will provide the safety equipment.

Friendly Competition With Paintballing

Some brides are frustrated before the wedding. Paintballing is a popular outdoor activity, and it is a great stress reliever. A game of paintball will help the bride eliminate her wedding day jitters. The activity is designed for maximum enjoyment. Paintballing is an energising activity, and it is a great way to have some friendly competition.


Relax With Afternoon Tea

Some brides want to relax with a cup of tea before the wedding. Afternoon tea is an elegant hens day activity. The bridal party can have a sophisticated afternoon, and the bride can discuss last minute wedding details with her closest friends. While you are drinking your tea, you can sample cakes and sandwiches. Afternoon tea is the perfect hens day relaxation activity. The activity is affordable, and it is perfect for large groups.

Private Boat Cruise Melbourne

Many brides want an adventure before their wedding. An exciting activity like cruising is one of the popular activities one can do with a group of friends. If you want to visit new places with your friends afloat, there are many companies in Melbourne that provide a full package service. If you want to fully relax on a boat, you should hire a service provider who provides a wide range of options and willing to design the perfect party boat package to suit all your needs. An example of the providers like this includes Oriental Queen Cruises. Start your hens party celebrations with a fresh sea breeze, and you can have a great time on the water before your nighttime activities.

Hens party day activities should be a blast for the bride and the wedding party. The activities should be planned a few weeks before hens day. If the activities are planned in advance, the bride can make sure that the dates do not conflict with anyone’s schedule. The planner should also speak with the bride about the budget. If the bridal party is paying a portion of the expenses, the planner should make sure that everyone can afford the activities.

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