Having a ball at the MCG

If you’re heading to Melbourne and you’re looking for a night of guaranteed fun, there’s one thing you have to tick off the list,  an AFL game. Not only are these sporting events for leisure, they also play a significant role in Melbourne’s culture and identity. Melbourne is known for being the sporting capital of Australia, so what better place to grab some tickets, a beef pie and a seat of the best view in Melbourne, and enjoy a night you’re sure to never forget?



Even if you don’t have a team to cheer for. guaranteed fun is still included in the agenda! By the end of the game you’re sure to have chosen your favourite side playing. With hair on end, you’re sitting at the edge of your seat, swinging back and forth in that tension build up that leads to the sounding of the final, make or break siren.

You look up towards the top of the arena, and see the glistening Melbourne skyline and Eureka tower’s lights twinkling in the cold, Melbourne, night sky. You look back towards the scoreboard and see that there is just minutes left and your team is down by a goal. You look around, and notice every supporter either at the edge of their seat, or standing up yelling and barracking for their team, with their footy top over their jumper, scarf being flung into the neighbouring person’s face, one hand holding a packet of twisties and the other up in the sky, with a clenched fist ferociously punching the air, in pleading hope that their team might win.




If I could recommend one thing about going to an AFL game, it would be to catch a MCG match rather than a standard Etihad Stadium one. Although the vibe of the atmosphere is electric no matter which one you visit, MCG games tend to be more important and therefore pull a higher audience number. All football matches fill up the seats of the arenas and as soon as those stadium gates open, the tension and rivalry between teams commences.
So for a night you won’t forget in a city you’ll never forget, attend a typically Aussie footy game. The atmosphere is amazing, the people are hilarious and you’re sure to have a different experience each time. With Melbourne being the birthplace of AFL, what better place to get the full Aussie experience?

Tickets at the MCG start at $18 for general, concession, admission.

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