Cross River Rail Brisbane Set To Commence At The End Of 2017

Residents of Queensland are experiencing a brilliant makeover to the transportation industry owing to the new installation of the Cross River Rail Project. The cross-river rail project is one of the most significant transport upgrades that the area is going to witness. The rail line is set to span over ten kilometers and will function between the stations of Dutton Park and Bowen Hills. The rail will also have an additional line running from CBD and the Brisbane River.


Benefit To The People

The project is going to be a massive boon for the people living in Queensland. With a steadily rising population, the major cities therein have witnessed a tremendous strain on the transportation system. Constant rush hour traffic is some of the most common things that people going on their daily commute experience, which is why the rail will prove to be brilliant for the population. The rail will also help relieve some of the strain that is currently on the roads in the major hubs throughout Queensland.


Along with the rail line, five new rail stations are set to be built in different locations. The stations were chosen after a careful analysis was done of the transportation system, and by figuring out the needs of the people living here. The stations are all going to be located at prime destinations throughout Queensland, and are going to be conveniently located, to provide commuters with easy access to a better transportation system.


Funded By The Government

The Cross River Rail project is currently being funded by the Government of Queensland who specially set aside a budget for the development of this project. A total of 4.5$ was given towards its development, from the state government, and an additional amount is said to be acquired by the Australian Government. However, the Australian Government is yet to release a statement concerning the amount that they will be putting into this project.


The Government of Queensland had issued a statement, that spoke about the impact that this railroad would have, and the benefit that it would serve to the state. The amount of time that passengers take to commute from one place to another will also be reduced as a result of this project. The rail will also help shift passengers from cars to the trains, helping ease the problems of congestion. This will even prove to be more economical since more people will be able to turn to public transport as a viable means to commute.


Helping Improve Prospects Of Employment

But the project is not only going to benefit the transportation industry but the employment sector as well. The Cross River Rail will open up thousands of jobs every year, thereby improving the employment scenario in the main cities.


The Cross River Rail project is set to be entirely complete by 2024 and will start running shortly after.  The work of setting the foundation for the rail is set to begin by the end of 2017. This period will be used to work on the smaller construction elements, while the bigger ones will only start by the end of 2018.


Cross River Rail Brisbane: Funding Proposal & Map

Cross River Rail to be delivered under public-private partnership


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