Cooling off in Mornington this summer

Now that we’re in the swing of summer, it’s pretty important to be keeping your temperature down. Whilst swimming and air-con is all well and good as far as cooling off goes, everyone digs a nice, cool snack or beverage and Victoria’s Mornington Mainstreet has plenty of this on offer. Just 45 minutes from Melbourne, Mornington makes for a great day trip with the family, and hopefully my tips will ensure you don’t go hungry!


YOMG (Yo My Goodness): Made with the finest Farmers Union yoghurt, YOMG offers their product in eight different flavours, each of which is a delight to cool down on those hot summer days, (salted caramel is my personal favorite). YOMG also offers 32 different toppings for their product, that’s right, 32 toppings! All of these are divided into three categories; ‘super-foods’, ‘good-for-you’, and ‘indulgent’ so there really is something for all taste buds.

The Black Kettle: This is a pretty cool little café in Mainstreet which is almost always packed, especially during summer. They offer a massive selection of home-made breakfasts, lunches and dinners, my must-have is one of Black Kettle’s home made iced coffees and iced chocolates which kick the butt of the quality of other home-made iced drinks. At $5 a pop, these guys aren’t the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for.


Tutti Frutti: Saving the best for last, we have Tutti Frutti. This store is one of the grooviest looking places in Mainstreet, complete with classic black and white checkered floors, neon signs and vibrantly colored walls and furniture. This pretty accurately matches the vibrancy of the staff, the ice-cream and the general vibe of the place. Tutti Frutti offer a massive selection of flavors of ice-cream, including everything from your classic choc-mint to more exotic flavors such as cinnamon or coffee. If you happen to be just up the road in Mt Martha, Tutti Frutti have partnered with a store down that way called Chill which as you can imagine, deal in products of equal deliciousness.

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