A chocoholic’s guide to Sydney

Chocolate is a universal language that we all understand and love. It is the height of indulgence, and it is all around Sydney. However finding the best is not so easy without a tour-guide in Sydney, of which there are many, but they aren’t cheap. So in the interest of making the finest Australian chocolate as accessible as possible for my fellow travellers, I bring you Sydney’s DIY Chocolate Tour.

Tried and tested, this chocolate tour will have you seeing some of the most indulgent sites in Sydney and by the final stop you’ll want nothing more than to sit and ponder upon the chocolaty goodness of the day.

1. Via Del Corso Cafe
Location: Westfield Sydney, Market St Sydney
Recommendation: Gluten free ricotta Cheesecake with pistachio (Gluten Free) or homemade chocolate éclairs.

It is gourmet, it is elegant, it is chocolatey and it resides in the heart of the most spectacular shopping centre in Sydney. This is your first stop, where you need a knife and fork to devour your sweets, because they are served as an entire meal rather than an indulgence. While they sell everything from macaroons and pralines to gourmet ice cream and baked goods, you absolutely cannot go past their stunning range of handmade desserts. Starting from $6.00, these delectable delicacies are almost too pretty and intricately designed to eat- but I’m sure you’ll manage. The Café provides gluten and dairy free options.IMG_6053-300x200

2. The Happy Lab
Location: Westfield Sydney, Market St Sydney
Recommendation: Raspberry cream popcorn, sugar dark free chocolate

Next stop could potentially be considered the coolest candy store in NSW, and it just so happens to be conveniently located in the same food court as Via Del Corso. The Happy Lab is almost offensively vibrant, with the store overflowing with every colour and flavor you can imagine. Half of the shop provides you with geometrically shaped chocolates filled with everything from fruit and nuts to more chocolate. However, if you need a break from the chocolate already, the store offers an extensive range of jellybeans, flavoured popcorn, moustache shaped lollies and every kind of sweet you can imagine, all presented beakers and test tubes stacked from floor to ceiling. The Happy Lab provides a range of gluten, dairy and sugar free option throughout their lolly and chocolate collections and taste testing is encouraged.

3. Josophan’s Fine Chocolates
Location: York St Sydney
Recommendation: Basil and dark chocolate or Honey and Milk praline and their homemade chocolate freckles.
Gluten free options available

Josophan’s is a boutique chocolate shop that offers a range of creative and utterly delectable chocolate creations. Whether you’re looking for a gift or a cheeky chocolate snack, Josophan’s will have it. The best bit? Each mouthwatering chocolate can be purchased in gift packs or piece by piece from their stunning collection of pralines, from just $1.90 a piece. All handmade, Josophan’s chocolates are insanely crafted and contain outrageous flavours that you would never expect to find in chocolate.
IMG_6008-200x300Whatever you do, be sure to try something bizarre because you won’t regret it- and don’t miss their amazing chocolate-themed window displays which include a giant chocolate tree, tea cups and a shoe.

4. Boon Belgium Chocolate Cafe
Located: 251 Victoria St Darlinghurst
Recommendation: Saigon (lemongrass chocolate praline) or a rose infused praline.
All chocolate Gluten free

Boon is your final stop, and for good reason. The sweetness of the chocolate here is more subtle and the lounge gives you a beautiful cosy setting to relax and allow your sugar rush to really sink in. It takes a good fifteen minutes of walking to reach this beauty, but it resides within a short distance of the train station. Looking at the chocolate is about as entertaining as eating it at Boon Chocolate Café, with each shop displaying their insanely crafted delicacies from their infamous chocolate handbag to intricate and vibrantly designed pralines. After choosing from Sydney’s most innovatively flavoured and gorgeously coloured chocolates, you can take a trip upstairs to the lounge, scattered with contemporary paintings, to enjoy some absurdly delicious hot chocolates, each served with chocolate moose and your chosen praline for only $8.50.

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