7 Restaurants in Port Macquarie | 2017 Best Places to Eat

Port Macquarie is a coastal town in Hastings, Australia that has a wide variety of cafe and restaurants, including Australian, Turkish, and Korean. Many of the top restaurants in Port Macquarie cook with fresh ingredients and offer healthy items on their menu. If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Port Macquarie, check out the seven restaurants below:


  1. The Stunned Mullet


Many visitors would agree that The Stunned Mullet is one of the best Port Macquarie restaurants. They serve seafood, Australian, and international cuisine with gluten-free options. The scenic view makes it a great restaurant for romantic meals or business meetings. Some menu items you may want to try are the glacier 51 toothfish and confit duck leg. They also have an extensive wine menu with both local and international wines.


  1. Liquor Stax Tacking Point Tavern


A family-friendly restaurant, Tacking Point Tavern has a kids playground to keep kids entertained and picturesque views of Port Macquarie and the Mid North Coast beaches. They frequently offer tavern specials, such as 2 for 1 meals and lunch deals, to help customers save money. Every Wednesday they host pool competitions that you can enter for $3 for the chance to win $80 as a first place prize or a $20 hotel voucher as a second place rewards and You can also get restaurant deals by signing up here. Tacking Point Tavern is a fun place to eat that has affordable menu items.



  1. Reyhana Turkish Restaurant and Takeaway


If you’re looking for ethnic restaurants in Port Macquarie, Reyhana Turkish Restaurant Takeaway is a favorite. They cook Turkish, Halal, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine with gluten-free options. Some of their most popular dishes are baklava, lamb shish, and charcoal chicken. The mixed grill is another hot item because it provides a lot of delicious food, including large skewers of marinated chicken, beef, and lamb. Bread, salad, and rice come with the mixed grill too. Reyhana Turkish Restaurant has seating available inside but also offers takeaway.


  1. Lv’s On Clarence


At Lv’s On Clarence, you can order a paleo breakfast or gluten-free options if you’re on a paleo diet or have a gluten allergy. Lv’s On Clarence serves Australian and contemporary cuisine. Many customers praise them for the delicious, large-portioned meals and great coffee. This Port Macquarie restaurant also sells healthy smoothies and green drinks for health-conscious customers. All of their breads, pastries, cakes, and muffins are baked in house. One thing to keep in mind is they’re a cafe, so they only have breakfast and lunch menus.


  1. Mekong


Mekong is a waterfront restaurant in Port Macquarie that specializes in Thai cuisine. They are vegetarian-friendly and offer gluten-free options too. Some of their best menu items are red duck curry, spring rolls, tom yum, and fish cakes. They also offer takeaway for those who don’t want to eat at the restaurant. Port Macquarie uses fresh ingredients and doesn’t use MSG.



  1. Oriental Spoon Korean Restaurant


Another outstanding Asian restaurant in Port Macquarie is the Oriental Spoon Korean Restaurant. They have an extensive menu offering authentic Korean cuisine. Meals that customers often order at the Oriental Spoon Korean Restaurant are bibimbap, volcano roll, bulgogi stew, and edamame.


  1. Zebu Bar+Grill


The Zebu Bar+Grill is the perfect place to go when you’re craving steak. Other great foods they have on the menu are pizza, rabbit, duck spring rolls, and oysters. Zebu Bar+Grill serves Australian cuisine with gluten-free options. Some of the seats at the restaurant provide a great view of the river. The Zebu Bar+Grill has a vibrant, yet relaxing atmosphere for a chill night out after a long day or with friends. They also offer weekday specials to help customers save money.


From Australian to ethnic cuisine, there are a lot of great places to eat in Port Macquarie. Many of these top restaurants offer gluten-free and vegetarian options for those who are on certain diets. Lv’s On Clarence even has paleo items on their menu for people who are on the less common, but healthy, paleo diet. With so many appetizing possibilities, you’ll never struggle with where to eat in Port Macquarie.

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