7 Australia’s Coffee Roasters You Shouldn’t Miss Out

One of the best delicacies, all coffee beans are not created equal. With flavor profiles from nutty and round to tangy and citrusy, coffee has a variety of flavors. Besides flavor, coffee can vary in quality as well. When one is looking for high quality coffee in Australia, the best places to find good coffee are coffee shops that roast coffee beans themselves. Whether it is an online coffee shop or a brick and mortar store, look no further for the best Australian coffee beans as I give you the 7 five-star coffee roasters you shouldn’t miss out when visit Australia.

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1. Premium Coffee Roasters

One of the best coffee roasters in Australia, is the easiest choice for this list. Founded by Kerry Johnston over 15 years ago, Kerry passionately works to find the best “small batch” coffee lots, and Premium Coffee Roasters take great care and pride in blending their coffees for the best taste in the business. They are incredibly successful, in fact, they have won numerous awards over the span of many years including numerous Sydney Royal Fine Show bronze and silver awards.


2. Single Origin Roasters

Located in Surry Hills, Single Origin Roasters is one of the best in the location. The shop has an industrial/retro vibe, and their staff knows their coffee. Opening in 2003, their original fruit driven blend of coffee was a hit. They ethically source all their beans and have special care for the environment by utilizing solar power. They also invented the world’s first Milk on Tap system. Although all of this is impressive, the most impressive aspect about Single Origin Roasters are their mastering of the art and science of coffee. They take coffee seriously.


3. The Purple Moose

If you are extroverted, outgoing, and fun loving, you will love this coffee shop. The staff there know how to have a great time, and they do their jobs incredibly well. The Purple Moose is a one stop shop for coffee and breakfast, and their food and coffee are artistic, creative, and delicious.


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4. Twenty and Six Espresso

Located in Melbourne, Twenty and Six Espresso was created originally to be a place for designers(like the founders Nedim an Majda) to meet and design over some food and drinks. With great opening lighting and some beautiful outside seating, they have done a wonderful job at creating a beautiful space to create. All of their food and coffee is ethically source, and they pride themselves on hand picking fresh produce from Queen Victoria Market.


5. Aroma Coffee & Tea House

Located in Murarrie, Queensland. This is the place that passionately roasting and creating specialty coffee and also sourcing premium crafted tea. They have been roasting their coffee beans in-house daily since 1982. You will enjoy drinking coffee with the friendly environment here.


6. Please Say Please

Located in the busy city of Adelaide, Please Say Please is cute, small cafe with tons of funny little chalk designs. The vibe is perfect for people on the move and for people who are looking for a cool hangout spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. They source their coffee beans from Proud Mary Coffee, an Australian based coffee company that ethically sources their single origin beans.


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7. Epic Espresso

Epic Espresso is located in West Perth. Their beans are 100 percent Arabica, and they are locally roasted. Epic Espresso uniquely blends and ages their coffee to create an incredibly sweet taste that has huge chocolate notes, a full body, subtle acidity and a syrupy smooth finish. All of their beans are ethically sourced and of single origin. Their staff are trained extensively to work their specialized machines and taught how to make their numerous espresso drinks. They take great pride in their coffee techniques, and this makes the environment in the cafe feel very high end and first class. For more things to do in Perth, check out this post!

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