5 Bucks Party Ideas Sydney for Your Killer City’s Stag Night

Throwing a bucks party can be a complicated thing for the best man at a wedding to do. A stag party has to be fun and memorable, allowing all of the members of the wedding party to enjoy themselves before the big day. If you are in charge of hosting a stag party in Sydney, then we have the top 5 places to keep in mind for the 5 difference ideas.


Best Strip Club Around – Bada Bing

One of Sydney’s best strip clubs is Bada Bing. It has American-style female strippers, pole dancers of the highest quality, and a fun setting that can make the party a success. There are wonderfully strong cocktails, as well. If your stag party is one made up of men who want to see the hottest strippers, then Bada Bing can be a great option. Be sure to contact them well in advance to get the bookings you want.


Poker Night – Private Location of Your Own

If your party is made up of men who love poker, then why not select a great poker night as a bucks party? There are many locations that you can choose for this, from renting out a great hotel space at a fine place like The Palms Hotel, or hosting it in a private location of your own. Many companies can provide topless waitresses. They can provide poker dealers and much more. If you want to have fun playing poker and being surrounded by lovely topless barmaids, then hosting a poker night in Sydney can be great.


Floating Party – The Island

For a group of men who want to try something completely different, then The Island could be the perfect choice. This is a floating beach club that offers live music, fantastic drinks, and so much fun! It also comes with a projector so that you may show bachelor party videos or anything else that can enhance the experience.


Marine Themed Dining – Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Host an event in a stunning location by choosing the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Marine life will surround you as you enjoy all manner of cocktails and full, glamorous meals. There are a number of different spaces you can choose form at the aquarium, depending on the style of party you are planning on hosting. Because it is a very popular location, be sure to book well in advance.


Luxury Cruising – Soren Larsen

Host a stunning party on the Soren Larsen, a high-luxury ship that can provide all of the entertainment and excitement you want. The cocktail services are some of the best in the city and they can provide music of all types. This is a smaller capacity venue, so it is a great idea for a more intimate bucks party of no more than 100 or so people.

Hosting a bucks party does not have to be stressful and you do not have to select the same old locations and ideas. Check out more ideas here to consider along with the five places above for the most exciting bucks party you will find in the city of Sydney, ranging from the classic strip clubs to the fun night on the high seas.

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